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Just in case you didn't know, has become What does this mean? Well quite a lot if you like a neat simple solution that saves you time and money. Instead of having all your core services, such as broadband, phone, tv and mobile, supplied from various different companies, you can now take advantage of Virgin Media's full service giving you much more for less! Simply pick and choose to get the package that suits you... >>>>>>>>>

Over 1 million homes currently enjoy the experience of always-on, high-speed internet access and if you were an existing NTLBroadband customer then you will already benefit from the new service. Combine this with the latest in digital tv, free UK telephone calls and the latest mobile for the ultimate Virgin deal!

Virgin run many special offers so check their website for the latest details. Say goodbye to NTLBroadband and hello Virgin!

Take a look at the Virgin Media difference >>>

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