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Nappy Wraps
The waterproof wrap forms an integral part of the nappy system through its prevention of any moisture leaking to outside clothes or fabrics. By simply placing the waterproof wrap over the absorbent nappy a protective barrier is in place which remains secure, comfortable and most importantly breathable to keep baby's skin healthy. Our nappy wraps will work with all shaped nappies, prefolds and terries, and are also unisex. When it comes to washing simply place in at the same time as the nappies, although a simple wipe clean may be all that is necessary between changes. We recommend a ready supply of approximately 4 nappy wraps at any one time.
Bumpy Wool Wrap Bumpy Wool Wrap
This wrap is beautifully made from 100% pure new wool and is wonderfully soft. The wool wrap complements a completely natural nappy system, and is highly breathable making it cooler than other types of wraps and great for helping to cure nappy rash. It is particularly recommended for newborns, babies with sensitive skin, and also at night. The wrap does not need to be washed after each change as the natural properties of wool break down bacteria, making it self-cleaning and deodorising, however the wrap is machine washable at 30C. Although more expensive than other wraps, it is very popular and highly recommended.

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