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Organic Natural Skin Moisturiser

Organic Botanics - Natural Skin Moisturiser
Probably the purest moisturiser in the world! A wonderful combination of organic, nutrient-rich plant oils cool pressed and unrefined, with herbal extracts, floral waters, Aloe Vera, essential oils, natural vitamin E and natural rice bran oil derived UV filter. You can tell the difference, organic skin care of outstanding quality for the most effective nourishment, care and protection of your skin. 60ml.

Moistrurising Nutritive
Simple Skin Moisturiser (essential oil free)

Thai Deodorant Stone
Thai Deodorant Stone
These stones have been used in Thailand for hundreds of years as a body and foot odour prophylactic, without inhibiting the skins natural processes. They are 100% pure and natural having been made from potassium sulphate and mineral salts acquired from springs in Thailand and crystallised over a period of months. The thai deodorant stone does not stop perspiration and therefore does not clog pores or mask odour with perfume. It works effectively by attacking the cause of the problem, bacteria. Simply wet the deodorant stone, and rub on to clean skin as you would a roll-on. When applied it leaves a tiny layer of mineral salts on the skin, which cannot be seen or felt, however, the combination of salts helps prevent bacteria from growing. It is not sticky or greasy and will not stain clothes. The deodorant stone should last 6 months to one year.
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