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Swim Nappies
Swimming nappies are perfect for you little one's first pool outing. Swimming is recognised as one of the best exercise activities available and what's more babies love water! However, most swimming pools will wish to keep hygiene standards to the very highest which is good for everyone but especially your baby. Unfortunately conventional swimsuits offer little or no protection against accidents in the pool and normal nappies become too heavy within water. Each swim nappy has been designed to make swimming a carefree pastime for everyone involved!

Swim Nappy Size:  S ( 0-16lbs) - M (16-21lbs) - L (21-27lbs) - X.L (27-32lbs) - Todd (32-36lbs)

Unisex Swim Nappy
Unisex Swim Nappy
The Unisex swim nappy has been designed to offer maximum protection for boys and girls from their very first swim until they are fully potty trained. They incorporate leakproof legs and waistband and remain lightweight in water. Design may vary.

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