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Why choose reusable nappies?
Reusable nappies are becoming increasingly popular as more and more parents realise the fantastic benefits they have to offer. Cotton provides maximum comfort through it's soft and gentle touch and does not require any chemical gels to keep your baby dry as it is a highly absorbent natural material. Cotton fibres facilitate the circulation of air thus allowing baby's skin to breathe and remain cool at all times, which recent research has shown to be of great importance for physical development in boys and also for the prevention of nappy rash.

So easy to use...
Forget the old days of boiling and sluicing the terry nappies on a hot stove! Modern reusable nappies have entered the 21st century too making them convenient, quick and effective. Just think, no more lugging heavy disposables back from the supermarket each week! No more running out and having to nip down to the local convenience store late at night! Modern shaped nappies fasten with either velcro or poppers, there is no need for folding or using pins. Simply whip on and off in no time at all! Also, by placing a one-way biodegradable liner between the nappy and baby, you can easily remove and flush away the solids thus making the whole process much easier. When it comes to washing, simply store the nappies in a bucket (pre-soaking is optional) wash on a normal 60°c cycle and line or tumble dry. Simple!!!

Environmental impact
Most people are aware that disposable nappies are by their very definition not eco-friendly. Each year over 50 billion nappies, full of untreated sewage, are discarded into European landfills with 9 million used every day in Britain alone! Recent estimations suggest disposable nappies will take up to 500 years to decompose - a frightening statistic considering the numbers used. There is also concern regarding the hundreds of thousands of trees used to make the wood pulp core, and also the millions of barrels of crude oil creating the plastic covers. That is not to say cotton nappies do not have their own impact on the environment, but most independent studies of lifecycle analysis have concluded that disposable nappies constitute a far greater expenditure of non-renewable resources and energy, in the region of 8 times as much.

Nappies - Why choose cotton nappies? Nappies - Why choose cotton nappies?

Economic sense
Have you ever stopped to consider how much the average baby will cost to keep in disposable nappies? The answer is a staggering £1000!!! In fact, if there is one aspect of reusable nappies of which we can be certain - they will save you money! By using cotton nappies you can expect to save in the region of £600-800 including laundry costs and washing machine depreciation. You don't have to be a genius to work out how you might otherwise spend that money, although a relaxing holiday usually comes high up on the list!

Why not?!
There has never been a better time to choose reusable nappies for your baby. With so many different types available you can be confident of finding a system to suit your lifestyle and budget. Whatever your choice, reusable nappies offer universal appeal for babies and parents by offering a complete and simple, but incredibly effective way to keep baby's bottom natural and healthy while also taking care of the environment at a fraction of the cost.

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